Meet the brand new owner of the Bowling eco-friendly hot Rods

BOWLING green, Kentucky WBKO — The Bowling green hot Rods at the moment are formally below new possession. Jack Blackstock was in Bowling green Tuesday, someday after the sale of the crew became reputable.

Blackstock, a brand new York city resident, turned into prior to now a minority owner, however after approval from most important League Baseball, he’s now the man in charge of the newly topped Midwest League champions.

The sizzling Rods had been in Bowling green for ten years. Blackstock is the third majority owner, however he believes there may be quite a lot of price in the club.

“The team is the community’s asset,” he said. “we are the shepherd of that asset.”

it be no longer necessarily a new undertaking for Blackstock, however there are certainly more balls in play.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,I obtained worried in Bowling green as a result of I suppose it is a extremely appealing company,” he defined, “and that i believe it has all of the elements to do really well.”

Blackstock has a few ideas in intellect to make the sizzling Rods extra appealing to the group.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”The improvements are key,” he said. “Stadiums aren’t static things that remaining for 100 years. The stadium must grow and evolve over time.”

He didn’t go into a whole lot element about these advancements, and here’s what he mentioned about why:

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,We don’t need to promise things and not carry,” he mentioned, “so we’re going to be certain we have all of it sewed up, and then we can roll out what we’re going to do.”

Bowling green Ballpark is basically paid for with the aid of the TIF ity of Warren County, and they’re working with Blackstock to make his ideas a fact.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,What we’re in reality excited about, is that or not it’s a single owner,” talked about TIF Chairman Doug Gorman. “or not it’s a gentleman with a superb history who wants to be worried in this group, desires to make issues take place, and we’re very, very excited about having Jack Blackstock be the new owner.”

Gorman brought that the cost of the crew, regardless of the shifts in possession, has continued to raise.

in line with Gorman, Downtown Bowling eco-friendly, primarily the area across the stadium, has considered $300 million of development.

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